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Most business people are keen on what they do for a living, not on bookkeeping and maintaining the accounting records, but these are legally required for their business. Most businesses can not justify or have the necessary resources to employ permanent finance staff and then to maintain their skills with ongoing additional costs on training.

MSF Associates can take away the stress of maintaining your paperwork, after all this is what we do best…

The Process:

  • You drop off all your invoices, bank statements, etc
  • We do all the processing
  • We can then easily prepare for you…
    • Management Accounts
    • VAT Returns
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • End of Year Accounts
    • Estimated Tax Liabilities as you go along so there’s no end of year surprises.
  • You can then pick up the records (neatly filed and organised!) and all the information we’ve agreed to provide you with.

Good bookkeeping also makes it easier for us to handle any VAT inspections.

MSF Accountants Leeds Vat LogoVAT

VAT (Value Added Tax) is one of the most complex taxes imposed on business – so complex that many businesses inadvertently overpay or underpay.

The ever widening scope of VAT, the constant stream of detailed changes to the regulations, and the ever growing demands of HM Revenue and Customs call for a trained professional eye to ensure that you comply with the regulations.

MSF Associates provide a cost effective VAT service, which includes:

  • Assistance with your business VAT registration.
  • Advice on VAT planning and administration.
  • VAT control and reconciliation.
  • Help with completing VAT returns.
  • Negotiating with HM Revenue and Customs in the event of disputes.
  • If the worst happens we can represent you at VAT tribunals.

If you would like to discuss our book keeping and VAT services then please contact us.